Did you know that UV rays can damage something as simple as stuffed animals? It’s true. So if you’re going to take the time and effort to set up a hunting trophy room you don’t want your items to be damaged by something you can’t control. Most experts agree to cover your windows with black curtains or use some other method to negate outside UV rays. You’ll also want to keep your temperature between the 60s and 70s for the best conditions. This will help preserve your hunting trophies much longer.



What good is having a trophy room if you can’t see anything? Lighting is a powerful tool to use in any room. It can accentuate certain features in bold and colors or shadows. The use of shadows and colors can enlarge a room, make it feel more inviting, or create a certain mood. Consider doing some research on special lighting options for stuffed animals. You may want to choose different lighting for different types of animals because of their color and texture of hair. Additionally, you want to use lighting that will accentuate the features of your trophies. You don’t want to use harsh lighting, but rather a soft lighting that creates a sort of glow. Soft lighting will give your room a much more natural look and feel.




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