When it comes to firearms, one of the hardest things can be to sort through an abundance of options. Whether it’s pistols, shotguns, or rifles, the industry is packed with a plethora of manufacturers, calibers, and models. The bolt action rifle has long been a staple of many American homes. It is the preferred tool of most rifle hunters(and, in some states, one of the only legal options). Keep reading for advice on choosing your first bolt action rifle!



The first reason is hunting. This rifle type is the most common hunting rifle, as mentioned above. The action of a quality bolt action rifle can be extremely precise, giving a more accurate firearm. For most situations, you shouldn’t need to rapidly fire in a hunting situation. Rather, you want a powerful and accurate firearm, capable of felling an animal with one well-placed shot.

The second reason is long range shooting. Whether for military, law enforcement, or sport shooting, the bolt action rifle with a scope remains a popular choice. In all reality, the same characteristics which make it feel suited for hunting also apply here. A majority of sniper rifles utilize a bolt action.

The third reason is owning a piece of history. Sometimes it’s ok to like something just because it’s fun or cool, and that is a valid reason to have something. Many people interested in a specific area of history, such as World War One, may purchase a bolt action rifle associated with that conflict simply because of the historical significance. Others engage in historical reenactments, and put together entire, period-appropriate gear and clothing.


Try out a bunch.

Alright, that may be a lame answer. The first key, though, is to establish what you’re looking for. Are you a hunter? Looking to engage in long range sport shooting? Wanting to put together a kit for a reenactment organization? Determining why you want this type of firearm will make narrowing down your choices easier.

Once you have your purpose in mind, the next step is to set up a budget. After all, it does no good to be looking at a $1500 dollar rifle when you only have $500 to spend.

After that, get to the range! It’s always a good idea to test out a weapon before you buy it. Small differences in aesthetics can make all the difference in how much you like a firearm.


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